Both of my invalids are sleeping on the couch. Freckles is feeling better. She did ok getting doctored without my supervision until I came back. Then she got so crazed that she disconnected her IV and had blood spraying everywhere as she jumped around in her cage. I hurried up and cut the IV out to stop the bleeding. She felt better as soon as we got outside the clinic.

I’ve been working on learning to do digital scrapbooking. That’s something I swore that I’d never do so I’m not sure why it started to appeal to me. I worked on this layout so much last night that all night I had dreams that I was teaching photoshop tutorials. I need to do a little bit often since if I go too long without I forget how to do everything and have to start learning all over.


I was proud that I managed to get the photos in the frame, change the color of the embellishments, and sort of get the type to work!