The Lost Sisterhood tells two separate but intertwined stories that attempts to explain the Amazonian myths in Greek history.  Myrina and Lilly live as priestesses in Algeria.  When their temple is raided by Greek soldiers and several priestesses are captured, the rest follow to try to get their sisters back.  In the present day, Diana unknowingly is following the trail that Myrina left but someone seems determined to stop her from finding out about the Amazons.  Is it an unscrupulous collector with a penchant for all things Amazon or are there really Amazons who don’t want to be discovered?

I wasn’t aware of a lot of the myths surrounding the Amazons or that the myths show up in such far apart places as Algeria, Crete, Greece, Turkey, and Germany.  This story does a good job of trying to put together a narrative that shows how those myths could have come to be.

I liked the ancient story better than the modern one. Diana and her friend Bex seemed a bit too passive at times.  There were several times that they should have gone to the police or at least kicked up a bit of a fuss but they just went along with whatever was happening to them. Very unAmazonian.