The Road to Little DribblingThe Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson
on October 8th 2015
Genres: Travel, Europe, Great Britain
Pages: 400
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Twenty years ago, Bill Bryson went on a trip around Britain to celebrate the green and kindly island that had become his adopted country. The hilarious book that resulted, Notes from a Small Island, was taken to the nation’s heart and became the bestselling travel book ever, and was also voted in a BBC poll the book that best represents Britain.Now, to mark the twentieth anniversary of that modern classic, Bryson makes a brand-new journey round Britain to see what has changed.
Following (but not too closely) a route he dubs the Bryson Line, from Bognor Regis to Cape Wrath, by way of places that many people never get to at all, Bryson sets out to rediscover the wondrously beautiful, magnificently eccentric, endearingly unique country that he thought he knew but doesn’t altogether recognize any more.

Bill Bryson is really grumpy in this book.  I’m a big Bryson fan.  I think I’ve read everything he’s written.  He’s never veered far from curmudgeonly but he’s downright peevish in this book.  He’s telling people to fuck off repeatedly.  Fair warning if that kind of thing bothers you.

To start this journey he drew a line on a map connecting the farthest points he could find on a map of the United Kingdom.


He started his trip from Bognor Regis in the south and meandered his way north in the general direction of this line.  This made me spend some quality time with Google maps.  I thought I had in my head a general idea of where he was going.  Then suddenly he was in Wales.  I didn’t know which one of us was not understanding geography.  I did find that I didn’t have a very good grasp on English geography – although I was spot on about Wales.  I would have sworn the Lake District was northeast of London along with Stratford-upon- Avon and the Cotswolds.  Turns out none of these things are true.

He alternates taking lovely walks with complaining about British customer service and the tendency of British people to litter.  He does have a strange nostalgia for museums full of taxidermy which I personally hate.  He can’t stand shops selling pieces of wood with pithy sayings on them.  He seems to get a bit tipsy more than is probably healthy or wise.

There was more in this book about his life outside of writing than there has been in other books.  He talks about doing speeches to politicians and filming TV shows.

I was disappointed that he didn’t narrate the audiobook.  That’s one of the joys of listening to his books on audio.  The narrator did a good job but it took me several hours to get over the fact that he wasn’t Bill Bryson and to stop hearing a phantom version of Bill Bryson’s voice in my head reading along with the narrator.

Bottom line – Listen to this one if you are a fan but don’t let this be a first or third Bryson book.



14 Replies to “The Road to Little Dribbling”

  1. Great review — I’m glad I’m not the only one who wanted Bryson himself to read the audiobook. When I listened to In a Sunburned Country, he totally cracked me up.

    Hmmm… I think I’m gonna skip this one. (Sorry, Bill, but I like you better when you’re being whimsical and delighted!)

    Grateful that your review told me what I wanted to know!

  2. I’m not as much a fan of Bryson as I keep thinking I should be. So, I’ll skip this one to preserve the possibility that the Bryson bug will bite me yet. I only made it a few pages into Notes from a Small Island because I was looking for something that was less grumpy and more appreciative.

  3. A Walk in the Woods is my only Bill Bryson book so far, but I’ve been planning to listen to Notes from a Small Island for years now, so that would make this my third Bryson book. Maybe it would be best to just go with the audio of this one, since I haven’t heard him narrate any of his own books before, and that would make this my second Bryson book!

    1. Well, now I’m confused. As you said, he spends a lot of the book drinking a lot. And now he’s just said he has gout. Well then why does he drink so much?? This is a man who claims to like walking!

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