When I decided to move the blog to this page I had to load software. Before tblog did it all for me. How hard could it be? Everyone else managed to figure it out, right? So, I downloaded Movable Type. Ok, now I know that it is next to impossible to do yourself but I didn’t know that at the time. I got all confused reading the directions and came to a drastic conclusion. I went and woke up the husband.

Me: I need help and after you help me you need to forget everything you’ve seen.
DH: Ok.

He never even batted an eye at that request. Does that mean that I’m normally that weird and he’s used to it or was he still asleep?

So I show him the MT software. He wants to know what I want it to do. I ended up having to explain blogs to him. I’ve kept mine a carefully guarded secret. I like to be able to write whatever I want without having anyone I know reading it. Now I needed him to help me and to help me he had to know the URL.

Me: It’s like a diary.
DH: Why would you want people to read your diary?
Me: (because of exhibitionist tendancies? liking feedback?) I don’t know.
DH: So, total strangers can read your diary and that’s ok but I can’t.
Me.: Right
DH: Does your mom know about this?
Me: Oh god no. You should see what I’ve said about her sometimes.

We ended up deciding that MT was awful and downloaded WordPress. I was able to run that mostly by myself. But then I had to add the template and it wasn’t working right. He came back and very gently (like speaking to a crazy person) asked if I needed any help. Why would he think that? Just because I’ve been sitting in the same spot for hours muttering to myself?

Me: It doesn’t look right.
DH: I know HTML. I can help.
Me: (Ok, he programs for a living and does websites for fun…..)
DH: But you’ll have to let me see what’s wrong.
Me: Here, read the code.
DH: Let me see the site. You can cover anything you don’t want me to see with your hand.
Me: (aaawwww, how sweet. But, my hands aren’t big enough.) Ok.

He fixed the problems with as little stress as possible to me. He’s a sweetie but if he’s reading this I’ll kill him.