This weekend I am going to visit the evil mother-in-law. Yeah, I don’t quite believe it myself. She’s moving and we are supposed to help. Actually, the husband was supposed to help but when I questioned the wisdom of going off to help his evil mother on the weekend before our anniversary he invited me along. He admitted later that he sort of hoped that if he told his mother that I was coming too she would tell him not to bother coming down, but no such luck.

She’s moving to a friend’s house for a few weeks until her new live in job starts. The husband and I have had a good giggle over that one since that is almost the same line she used on us when she moved in here for several years. We’ve decided not to warn her friend in case she changes her mind and we end up stuck with her again.

She says that she knows of several vegetarian restaurants in the area we could go to. The husband took that to mean that she is trying to be nice to me. I take it to mean that she’s wanted to go but they are expensive and she wants us to pay for it. But I will try to be civil. I don’t know how successful I’ll be at it. But I’ll try.