We watched some TV while on vacation. We haven’t seen real commercials in a while. Maybe everyone else in the world knows about these products but I live under a rock so I had no idea they were making Snuggies for dogs. But the one that had me gasping in horror was the Bumpit. You can get hair like from a salon! But it must be a salon circa 1967. The hair was huge. You pick up your hair and put this plastic semicircle thing on your head then arrange the hair over it. It makes you look like you spent untold hours teasing it. In addition on this special TV offer you get two mini Bumpits so you can do this to your bangs and the Hollywood version in case you need a skyscraper on your head.

I saw this first by myself and the SO didn’t believe me – like I’d make that up. I was thrilled when he saw it too. He was horrified. The next commercial was for a fancy flat iron – so you can get hair just like from a salon!

Obviously this commercial burrowed its way into my subconscious. That night I had a dream that I was taking a class on how to be in a beauty pagent. The class includedtwo other women and two men. The SO drove me so he was observing until they decided to demo the bumpits on him. Then he really got into the whole drag queen thing.

He was not amused by the dream. He ordered me not to dream about him the next night. I repeated, “No Dreaming About …” over and over before I went to sleep to show I was making an effort. It worked too. I moved up in the dream world. I dreamt that Prince Charles was giving me snorkeling lessons!

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