I’ve talked before about the problems I have because I’m forgettable. People who I’ve met several times will introduce themselves all over every time. I would make a master criminal if I were so inclined. The trip home proved it.

The SO is not forgettable. He talks to everyone and has a big personality. He went into customs first. I went to my customs guy and had a little chat. I showed him my passport to prove I was American. (Yes, I was in the US and had to show a passport to get back to the mainland.) I left and the SO was still in customs. He didn’t get to leave for a while. It turns out that he hadn’t signed his passport. I looked at mine and realized that I hadn’t signed it either. My guy looked over it completely.

Later I realized that I was carrying needles and syringes in my carry on. I had checked them for the first flight but forgot on the way back. I carry them in case of bad food allergy reactions for the SO. Shouldn’t someone at least hand check the bag if they see that? They can’t tell what vial of drugs I’m carrying from the scanner. Amazing. I feel safe. But I guess looking sweet and innocent and totally forgettable has perks when you are too tired to travel correctly!

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