Ifeel like the sun. I have three small furry objects in orbit around me. This is an improvement though. Earlier I had three small furry tumors attached to me. Yes, the cats and Snowball have moved in.

They spent one night alone and were acting like they’d been abandoned. Snowball was doing a great impression of a dog who knew what “heel” means and Powder was considering getting in the car. She was less impressed when I put her in a cage in the car. She let out a vocal “Hell no!” when I put Riley in the cage with her. But they were both so scared that they decided to call a truce and cuddle as long as it was understood that what happens in the car stays in the car. That includes the fact that someone was so scared they had to pee and they both cried the whole time.

They spent the night in the sewing room to learn where the litterbox is. I let them out this morning and they are exploring every nook and cranny. They both have collars now with ID tags. Riley of course as already learned to take his off.

Snowball has always barked all night when she’s stayed here before. Last night she seemed to realize something was different and settled down. I still took the precaution of giving her some Stress Away which is a herbal light sedative. She slept from about 10 to 2:30 AM when she had to pee. Then she slept until morning. She got a bit flustered when the SO went to work but I let her know that I was still home and she went back to sleep.

So far so good.