I actually have crafty news to report this week.

I finished the top for a fall table runner.


Then I started making a Disappearing 9 Patch quilt. I’d been reading about these all over the quilt blogs but I didn’t know what it was. Actually I thought I knew but was totally wrong. Once I saw the pattern I wanted to try it out. You make a 15 x 15 inch nine patch and then cut it into quarters. You get four 7 inch blocks that you can rotate to form entirely different patterns. I picked a large scale novelty print for the corners of the nine patch and added coordinating fabrics. I know that I did not buy that print. Thing just spontaneously generate in my fabric drawers sometimes. I used to do a lot of swaps so it may have come from one of those but I swear I’ve never seen it before.

I have 8 of the small blocks made. It about killed my quilting friends when they realized that I was about to cut the big block apart. But they are used to me doing “strange” things and they were intrigued by the final outcome.

Fitness Update:

I listed 4 goals for last week.
1. Do yoga twice
2. Eat breakfast at home every day
3. Bring a homemade lunch to work one day
4. Walk either outside or on the @@#$ treadmill every other day

1. Yoga – Nope, not even once. Slacker!
2. Breakfast – I did do this one! I’ve had either cup a soup or a bagel for breakfast every day. I didn’t count on my brain still wanting a donut when I drive past even though I’ve had breakfast. Bad brain!
3. Lunch – Uh, I actually forgot about this one.
4. Walking – I don’t have an exact count but I think I may have done this. I can think of three walks that happened outside so yep, I did it.

Goals for this week:

1. Yoga once for real this time
2. Keep up the walking

I’m not adding any more because I have a weird week coming up. Tonight I go to Alabama for the weekend to judge. I fly back on Monday and my parents are coming down to help with a lot of the heavy lifting in clearing out the house. I don’t go back to work until Wednesday. So, I’ll be sort of active at the ride depending on how long we sit around and wait for the horses to show up at checkpoints. I’ll definitely be active during the parent visit. My mother gets like a drill sargeant when there is moving/cleaning involved.