top ten tuesday
Flying witch artwork by astromoali.

Today I have another mash up of Top Ten Tuesday and Wyrd & Wonder. What makes me NOT want to read a fantasy book?

Animal Abuse

This is a hard no for me. If there is any hint that an animal is not going to be ok, I’m done with that book.


This is a big one in the fantasy world. There are so many books, especially if based on warfare, that have the abuse of women as just a Thing That Happens. I read for entertainment. I don’t want this to be part of my entertainment. I’m out.

This is one of the main reasons why I stopped watching Game of Thrones.

Complicated Names

I’ve complained about this before. If your fantasy characters have names that I can’t make a reasonable guess about how to pronounce them, I’m not messing with your book. Likewise if your characters all have similar looking names and I keep messing them up and not knowing who is who, I’m probably walking away.

YA High Fantasy

If the blurb is talking about teenagers in the kingdom of High Whatyoucallit who are:

  1. Finding out they are the lost heir
  2. Fighting an endless war against another kingdom
  3. Going on a quest or
  4. Trying to determine succession

I am out. High fantasy doesn’t hold my attention well. I don’t care about who gets to lead a kingdom in the vast majority of cases. If it is YA book that is going to throw in a forced romance, I know I’m not going to care what happens in the book when I’m about halfway through.

Prime example was Children of Blood and Bone.

I remember sitting in the nail salon waiting for my turn. I was halfway through this book. It was well written and imaginative. But I suddenly realized that I absolutely did not care at all about the outcome of the story. I never did finish it.

Male Fantasy Author

This one isn’t an absolute but it makes me take a bit closer look at the blurb before I pick it up. I find that male authors are more likely to have a lot of casual cruelty in their stories. I want to be assured that I’m not going to find that before I start their books.