My goal for today is to get my bird quilt finished. This has become complicated by the fact that the quilt decided that it wanted yellow sashing instead of the jewel tones that I had planned. For those of you not familiar with the whims of quilts-in-progress, they can be tempermental. They will refuse to look good in either the colors or layout that you have selected and then will sulk until you change it to suit them. This change to yellow sashing meant that I had to go buy yellow thread to quilt with this morning.

I decided to multi-task and take my overflowing recycling bins to the center at the same time. I’m very proud of my new bins. I got a cheap three drawer cart on wheels. The drawers are removable so I can throw them in the car and dump the contents at the recycling center. I use one drawer for paper, one for metal cans and glass, and one for plastic.

I stopped at the quilt store by the recycling center but they were closed. So, I headed downtown to another quilt store. The downtown shopping area of this small city is one street that is three blocks long. I don’t usually shop here. It has the problem of most downtown shopping areas – no parking. I can’t parallel park. Ok, I could if I had to but not when I would be holding up drivers and seeing them glare at me through the mirror. So I drove around for a bit until I found a spot I could pull into. I like walking around the downtown area. There is great architechure. There are some quirky little stores. I usually feel awkward about going in them though. I’m more of a browser than a buyer. People in these shops always look so hopeful when you come in that I feel terrible if I don’t buy something. I don’t need that guilt. There was one store I liked to look in. They had beautiful crafts in bright, funky colors. I particularly remember large marionette birds. I liked to look at them but had absolutely no desire to buy one. That store is closed now. I’m not surprised but it is too bad.

So, I get to the quilt store and the sign says closed. I tested the door though and it was open. The clerk was so excited to see me. We discussed my thread needs, the state of my sewing room, the fact that this quilt needs to be done by tomorrow morning, and how the quilt decided to change colors on me necessitating this trip to her store. I’ve never been a big fan of quilt stores because you can get the same items for cheaper at fabric stores. Maybe I was just in a “support your downtown shopping” mood because I enjoyed shopping there today.

There is an opera house that is being restored there. I don’t understand it for sure because there isn’t a big entrance. There is just a narrow little door with a sign over it. There are all kinds of banners about the historic trusts taking part in renovation. But nothing seems to be happening there. I just looked it up only and there is a website showing it. I guess it is the “oldest authentic 19th century American theater.” It is pretty cool but totally a wreck right now. See what you can learn just going out and buying thread? Woodward Opera House

I was supposed to pick up my horse today but didn’t have time to get everything settled for her in her new stall. I’ll pick her up on Thursday. Now, I’m off to my lesson and then I’ll be back to finish the quilt.