Thoughts While Reading

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      • Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood quit production in the mid to late 70s while he focused on television for older audiences.  It started up again in the 80s.  This means that the whole time I was watching, it was in reruns.  I feel sort of tricked by this.
      • He swam every morning.  They made a point of saying that he chose to go to one of a few men-only swim times at his gym.  I wondered why until they mentioned that he liked to swim in a cap and goggles only.  I didn’t need to consider that much of Mr. Rogers.  But really, if you are swimming nude in public why the cap?  And why are you swimming nude in a public place?  Why are men so nasty?













  • This is the most adorable middle grade book ever and you have to read it.
  • I’m a Twitter follower of the author based on her webcomic Digger, which is about a wombat who got lost and ended up involved in the affairs of gods which is really just too much for your average wombat.
  • There needs to be more wombat literature.
  • This is the only other book I have read by her even though I have others under other pen names.  Now I really need to read those because this was delightful.
  • I’m going to quit gushing now and go write a real review so look for that next week.
  • Read this book.








  • This is a complicated book for me.  There are passages that I want to force everyone to read and then I get frustrated by some of the choices that she makes that are different from what I would do.
  • I wish I was reading the ebook version instead of a library book so it was easier to highlight passages and copy them. 
  • I was hoping this would slide into place along Dance of the Dissident Daughter in my mind as wonderful books about women questioning conservative Christianity.  It isn’t quite there.