I’ve been lamenting the lack of interesting things that I’ve done lately. Nothing seems to flow together as a blog post. I was racking my brain and realized that I do lots of things that are routine to me but may seem strange (interesting?) to others. Here’s a snippet of my day today.

1. Read a bit before work. I’m currently reading The Companions by Sheri S. Tepper. I love her books. They have themes like environmental protection, feminism, and antifundalmentalism. The Fresco is my all time favorite.

2. Fed the beasts. That’s one bird, one dog (who finally got her staples out yesterday), 2 cats inside, 2 or more cats outside, and 2 horses. I have it down to a system of being able to take care of everyone’s basic needs in 15 minutes.

3. Went to work at a new clinic. That’s always a bit nerveracking because you don’t know what you are getting into. This clinic is nice and very slow today. Yesterday they were swamped. I spent some time trying to make friends with the clinic cats. I did that too well because now they regard me as a cushion.

4. Read some journals in between appointments. Learned about a course I can take on stem cell therapy in dogs for arthritis. I think I’ll sign up for that. It seems like an interesting therapy. I’ve heard of it in horse tendon repair but this is the first I’ve heard of it in dogs.

5. Saw appointments – several vaccinations, a new kitten from a feral litter, rebandage a broken leg on a cat, skin infections, allergies, all in all it was a quiet morning.

6. Went to lunch and read some more of the book.

7. Killing time before afternoon appointments so I’m at the library surfing quilting blogs.

That’s a lot in a day that seemed uneventful and it is only 2:30 pm!

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  1. haha…I wonder where you heard of stem cells and horse tendons :P. Honestly though I am in love with it as a treatment. 80% tendon damage and a prognosis of death turned into big mooch on my money and very happy horse who terrorizes other ponies all night during turnout. Not sure if the course is offered from the same company that helped my boys leg (they are now doing small animal as well) but my miracle pony is going to be on their website soon. And I cannot belive it only takes you 15 min to feed all the critters you have…you must have it down to a good routine.

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