We are going to be heading off on an adventure fairly soon. It has been a long time in the making so it hard to believe that it is coming up so soon.

For part of it we will be in Prague. We’ll have an afternoon, a whole day, and a morning. Has anyone ever been? Any suggestions for the things that we must do that might be off the main tourist recommendation lists? We are staying near Wenceslas Square and will either be on foot or on the trams.

We will also have some time in Budapest. I haven’t even started looking at what we want to do there. I’ve been so focused on studying up on Prague. It wasn’t until I actually typed this paragraph that I realized that I’d totally forgotten this aspect of the trip. So, I’m super open to suggestions here too.


In between we will be doing a Danube River cruise. There isn’t a lot of free time on the boat. One of the reasons I was a little dubious about this type was that there is a short stop in Vienna. I need a good week in Vienna. I can’t do a day. I’d almost rather not go at all than get a teasing view of it like this. We’ll also be in Bratislava. I think we’ll have at least the afternoon free in both cities. Suggestions welcome!