We are the proud new owners of a treadmill. The husband looked at himself in the pictures taken on vacation and decided he was fat. This seemed to come as a bit of a shock to him since he does not see this when he looks in a mirror. I’m not sure how shocked he really was when as long as I’ve known him I’ve never been allowed to see him with his shirt off while he is standing up because he hates how he looks. But he declared himself shocked and has set out to do something about it.

For the husband action equals buying something. Never mind that he has a perfectly good YMCA membership going to waste. He needed to buy his own treadmill. He got a fancy-schmancy one from a guy who won it and didn’t want it. The label on it says featherlight. That is a lie, as my poor smashed toe can attest to, but we got it downstairs.

I can’t stand treadmills. I need to be going somewhere when I walk. I can happily go in circles on a track but treadmills make me batty. But I tried it this morning. I think the miles per hour calibration is a bit off. I can walk a 15 minute mile easily but had to run when I set the machine at 4 mph. Other than that it is nice though. There is a 1/2 hour long show I want to watch later. Maybe I’ll try to walk and watch and see if I go insane.