I got up this morning and let Snowball outside. I noticed that two of the nice neighbor dogs were hanging around. I went to get the grain scoops to feed the horses and I couldn’t find them. I’ve had pet sitters for a week so I started looking around to see if they put them somewhere other than where I usually keep them. By now the neighbor dogs were heading towards home. As I took a closer look at their retreating figures I realized that the basset hound was carrying one of my grain scoops!

I called him but he pretended not to hear. They trotted out into the pasture. The grass there is over his head so I’m suprised he gets through on his own – let alone carrying a grain scoop. I was hoping he would make it all the way home so I didn’t have to go looking for it in the high grass.

Later I drove over to his house and found my grain scoop in the backyard. He seemed a bit put out that I was stealing his new toy. After all he had carried it by the handle in his mouth for about 200 yards through high grass. He figured he earned it. His people weren’t home so I didn’t tell on him. If he comes back for it again I’m going to have to keep them up on high shelves!