Nio tagged me to list my accomplishments for the year. I don’t think of this as a very accomplishment filled year because of missing most of the summer activities due to injuries. But I was also going to update my 101 in 1001 days list so I’m combining the two activities.

From the 101 List

11. Go the Wilds – done 8/19/06
26. Be able to ride again without breaking any bones – Aug. 2006
33. Get all current pictures in a scrapbook. Pictures taken during the course of this project don’t count. Working hard on this!
34. Steal old photo albums from my mother and make a better scrapbook out of them Working on the Germany album for a Christmas present
35Release 5 books into the wild with Book Crossing
Coyote Blue released in a NWA plane 9/23/06
Blowing My Cover released on a bathroom couch in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas 9/23/06
45. Go on an actual vacation that is not business related – last week
48. Visit a state I’ve never been to before – Arizona
70. Buy a dining room table
71. Get a new computer

That’s more than I thought I had done! Other things I accomplished:

Started a sewing group
Bought a sidesaddle
Started judging for an additional organization
Started rearranging my garden – would have finished if I hadn’t gotten hurt
Finished a quilt for my brother’s wedding
Made a bargello quilt
Keeping up with my wheel of the year photos
Learning to play pool