Friday we went to the Valley of Fire. I’d never heard of this before but it was Nevada’s first state park. It is a valley with red sandstone formations. It is very beautiful in a wild way. I liked it more than the Grand Canyon because you could interact more with it as a day tourist. We walked a very little bit out one trail. the trail was deep sand so it was quite a workout but we quickly got to an area where we could go out on the rocks and climb around. The area has been inhabited forever. The rocks have many caves. Some are large enough to make a quite roomy home in. There are supposed to be areas with petroglyphs but they were a goodly hike away.

Valley of Fire

The pictures don’t do justice to the rainbow colors of the rocks. There was so much energy coming off the rocks also. I have one picture of me in one of the caves and I put my hands out to either side to touch the rocks. The energy that started coursing through me was amazing!