Under the Bed Dog is back. She lives with Z and her mother but we dogsit when they are on vacation. Many people question this arrangement but the SO says he is deeply sympathetic to any creature that has to live with his ex so he takes the dog in.

The dog is freakishly timid. The first time we kept her she hid under the bed all week. The second time she was a bit better. This time the ex warned us that she’s been tearing things up at home and “regressing”. Great.

After the first few days she started to come out of her shell. She was staying under the computer desk but on the third night she volunteered to come upstairs at bed time with everyone else. She slept under the bed of course. The next night she slept part of the night on my bathrobe beside the bed. I’ve invited her onto the bed but I get the feeling that Freckles has some rules that forbid that.

She gets excited when we come home from work. She all but mauls me since I smell like animals. I sit on the couch to cuddle them both. UtBD is slow in her brain and sits on the same side of me as Freckles does. Then she wants to cuddle me so she ends up on top of Freckles which does not go over well. Freckles is smart enough to move to the other side so there can be group cuddles.

She still won’t go outside to pee unless she is lead out on a leash. But she loves the park.


She’ll even go up to new people and say hi. She checked out all the agility equipment.


Freckles just likes to get smelly.


We have her for a few more days and then we give her back. We just get her acting almost like a dog and then she goes home and we have to start all over the next time.

We also accidentally exposed her to another new experience. You know, sometimes when grownups love each other very much they get… romantic. Freckles just sighs heavily and goes to another room. UtBD was fascinated. She was on her hindlegs with her front legs on the bed staring. Uncharitable nasty people might point out that is because she hasn’t ever seen this at her own house. Only horrible people who are going straight to hell would stop, look at each other, and say it at the same time! hanging head in shame while giggling under my breath