I’m lucky when I travel because my parents have a time share that I can use that gives access to small apartments or condos all over.  I’m just off the Strip in Las Vegas in a quiet hotel with a kitchen – and a jacuzzi but for the purposes of this story the kitchen is more important.

Haing a kitchen is great but I don’t rent a car for this convention.  How was I going to get food?  When I was here last year I realized that you could get groceries delivered.  I used Vons.com.  You order online and pick a time for delivery.  They came right on time and this is my haul for the week.



I mainly needed breakfast and snack food in the room since I’ll be eating other meals out. I can make smoothies and I have hummus because I’m alone. I love hummus and the husband has life-threatening food allergies. Sad. He liked hummus the one time he tried it until he had to be rushed to the ER.

Now I’m off to start getting educated at the convention. My first class is a lunch meeting but I’m bringing some Larabars in case nothing is vegan. Veterinarians seem to have more vegetarians than the average crowd but we also have more rabid hunters than other groups too. Feeding veterinarians is a delicate balancing act.