I went vacationing this weekend. The SO and I headed off to the French Lick Resort and Casino. It is a huge place in Indiana that started as a place to take the waters at a mineral spring. It still has a place where you can smell the water but people don’t tend to linger. The fine properties of the water are highlighted by the proud slogan, “America’s Finest Laxative.”

The hotel has 5 restaurants that we went to check out. Most of them had not a single vegetarian option on the menu. We ended up having pizza. But the next morning the breakfast buffet was good. I went into spasms of indecision when faced with Capt’n Crunch, Froot Loops, and Lucky Charms. The belgian waffle with strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and chocolate chips was good too.

We did get a chance to go letterboxing. There are two on the grounds of the hotel but we were only able to find one. We got one at a rest stop on the way home too.

I did get an indication that I might be hanging out with a crazy person. The hotel has a very nice gym. On Sunday morning he woke me up and said that he was going to go to the gym. It was 5:15 AM. I told him to have fun and rolled over and went back to sleep. He came back around 6:30 all excited by the equipment there. I don’t get excited about anything at that time of the day.