The ex and I didn’t have any mutual friends. (Gee, and what was the problem with this relationship?) So I’ve been spared the whole ritual of dividing the friends. In fact we moved in such different circles that I haven’t seen anyone that I’d count as one of his friends in the seven months since we separated. Until today. Today one of his long-term employees came in for an appointment. This person was a client before so it wasn’t odd that he was coming in with his new dog. It was just potentially awkward.

I saw him on the appointment book early in the day so I had time to prepare. I was actually wishing I could run out and borrow a huge diamond ring but since we aren’t officially divorced yet that might be wrong. Then I thought about just looking extra fabulous but that wasn’t happening without more effort than I was willing to put forth. Besides, seeing appointments in a ball gown might be a tad obvious.

I settled for friendly professionalism and he pretended that I was just his vet and the whole visit was quite anticlimactic. Just one more milestone on the way to personal freedom.