I’m going on vacation next week. I’m going to Colorado Springs. Does anyone have any suggestions for great things to do there? The SO used to live there for a while but that was quite a few years ago so if there is anything new and cool, let me know.

I looked up some letterboxes but several had some variation on the lines, “Watch out for snakes. I saw 6 or 7 while placing the box so look inside the hole before you put your hand inside.” Um, yeah. Not going after those boxes. I don’t do snakes in the wild.

The SO is describing this as our “tree hugging, granola crunching” vacation. How cool is that? I think we plan on hiking but that’s all that’s planned yet.

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  1. I am not sure what has changed but I currently live here and these are my favorites though not in any particular order.

    Garden of the Gods-just strolling around under big strange rock formations

    Cave of the Winds-take the lantern tour and set your camera to night mode

    Helen Hunt Falls-refreshing waterfall, you’ll see what I mean after a day or two of Colorado heat

    Seven Falls-beautiful canyons

    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo-only mt zoo in US, also access to Shrine of the sun and obviously its all uphill

    Cog Railway-ride to top of Pikes Peak

    PP Highway-drive to the top of Pikes Peak

    Barr Trail-Hike up to the top of PP, WARNING: Prepare to pass out or just plain-old barf at some point

    PP Cog Incline-Drink lots of water and don’t be afraid to puss out, after all, the oxygen levels are much lower here and it is suppose the be a vacation, right?

    You could also drive a little south and view the Royal Gorge Bridge or take the train and have a little dinner 1053ft below with the bridge and narrow canyon directly overhead and glass ceilings to remind you of it. My favorite is the walk out deck where I can wave at the rafters going down the Arkansas river.

    Another option is to head up toward Woodland Park. There are many National Forest trails for hiking and biking. You can pick up maps for trails about anywhere. A quick note, one of the best views of the peak can be found at the Woodland Park Safeway! Go figure.

    You could drive up Gold Camp Rd where you will see fantastic views of the Springs and end up in Cripple Creek to gamble some money away. There is also an overlook near CC in which you can see a magnificient mountain range . They too have many nice trails in this area.

    Here a just a few. Hope you enjoy your vacation.

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