My mother and SIL came down to go to the NQA show with me last week. Afterwards we were discussing a vague idea that my SIL had to make quilts to use with different lessons once she gets a teaching job. My mother said that one good idea would be to have a quilt with pictures of an apple and a block that says “A is for Apple.” I got up, went downstairs, and brought up my container of UFOs. I pulled out the quilt that I have exactly like that. It even starts A is for Apple. Now I have to get that done and give it to her. They went through all my UFOs and decided that I’m not allowed to start anything new until I make some of those. At least I’ll have Christmas presents for a while since they were claiming what they wanted out of the box. Other things in the box – 2 round robins (one of garden animals and one under-the-sea), one finished heart top from a round robin, 50 blocks from a swap that could be put together to make at least 2 quilts, and my Y2K quilt. Yes, my year 2000 quilt is not together in 2008. I have most of the signature blocks but I’m not sure where all the 3 inch squares of fabric went. My new goal is to finish that before 2010, although that may be too soon at the rate I’m going!

I’m still working on my navy stars quilt for the SO. It was a surprise for him even though I was working on it openly. He’s been asking for a quilt and I’ve been telling him that he needs to get in line. Yesterday he showed up earlier than I expected and the quilt was laid out on the living room floor. He said he liked that one and asked what it was for. I said that I just make things. He said ok then he’d claim that one. I was pretty well trapped so I told him that it was his and he just ruined his surprise. It is turning out pretty well though.

I have several tops that need quilted but my friend with the longarm machine and I are working incompatible schedules. We can’t find a day to get together to get even one quilt done. Stupid jobs. They are seriously interfering with my hobbies.