The SO and I went on a little vacation this weekend to a state park in the northern part of the state. A lot of the state parks here have pretty nice resorts on them so we are making a point of doing a tour. We did a little walking on trails, some letterboxing, some swimming, and some sitting around a reading. We went and explored around some nearby towns.


The town had scenes made out of straw in front of local businesses. This is for a vet clinic and has vets with straw dogs on leashes.

We also went on a ghost tour of that town. Now, I’m a skeptic and he’s a psychic so we are not the most compatible people on this type of thing. We went to the first house and the owner is a skeptic too. I went wandering around and was looking at a very nice whirlpool tub when the SO grabbed me and said, “Come on right now!” and pulled me out of the house. He said that the ghost of the builder was pissed off about the tours. He then proceeded to tell the other people in our group about it too. They decided that he was nuts but should probably be humored since he might be dangerous. At another stop we were at a graveyard. There was a psychic there talking about visits from spirits in that area. The SO piped up with his story from the first house. She stared at him for a second as I decided to pretend I didn’t know him and then said that that was strange to hear him say since she had gotten that message there too.

He was also using my camera at the graveyard to take pictures. In theory if you take pictures of areas with spirit activity you get “orbs” or “rods” on the image.


These are rods. They look like flashlights but I was watching him and he wasn’t shooting towards any flashlights.