I hear that Halloween is a major big deal in my new neighborhood. So in honor of the holiday, I’m going to post Halloween pictures from around here all week.

Last night there was a costume party. It was a progressive dinner. The first stop had appetizers, the second had chili, and the third had dessert. This is the historic district of town so it was interesting to go in and see the houses.

The SO spent some time on our porch while I finished getting ready.


The last house we went to was gorgeous. It was all white inside with dark wood accents. If I lived there I would probably trash it within a week but it was beautiful. I was paranoid enough eating a gooey chocolate brownie on the white couch. I could never live there. We were talking to the owner of the house about her ghosts. She has one part of the house that she doesn’t go into because of the activity there. In the friendly part of the house they’ve woken up to hear chamber music being played downstairs. She’s mopped and turned around to see kid’s footprints on the floor and they don’t have kids. Her cat chases things around the house. She says that they have freezing things pass in front of them in the middle of summer. That’s just considered a normal part of living in this neighborhood.