Yesterday I worked at the main clinic where there is a groomer. She had a Persian in to be shaved. This poor cat was completely matted. She shaved him to the skin. The hair came off in a solid three inch thick mat.

I was goofing around and carrying the hair mat and petting it. It was like a very thick rug. The tech decided that we should put it in a cage to confuse the people who would be coming in the next morning.

She put it in a cage with a litterbox. She covered it with a towel with just a bit of it left showing. Then she put an IV bag near the cage with the line going into the cage and disappearing under the blanket. It looked like a cat on an IV who had huddled up under his blanket. Then she set up a cage card that said that “Fluffy” had been hit by a car and listing a contact phone number. The number was to the satellite clinic that she and I are working at today.

The results were interesting. The first person in opened the cage to check “Fluffy” and realized that we were warped. She is odd too so she left it all in place. The two receptionists came in and talked to poor Fluffy, commiserating over his troubles, but never checked when he didn’t respond. The tech thought it was hysterical. The receptionists finally figured out what was going on and told me to stop giving animals such powerful drugs that their bodies dissolve in the middle of the night!