There is a Virtual Christmas Quilt Show going on here. I think I’ve only ever made one Christmasy thing since I’m not a fan of the season.


I made this as part of a block exchange. It was made for my mom because she likes Christmas decorations. This was one of the very early quilts that I made so all the amazing stuff on it was probably made by someone else! I made the two angels holding hands in the upper left and the rocking horse (of course) on the lower left.

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  1. This is the first time I visit your web, although my English is not so good, but I see your website is a good one, and also this post. Thank you.

  2. Doing a block exchange is a great idea! (especially if you are not into the subject matter). It looks great! I haven’t made a Christmas quilt yet.

  3. Thanks for sharing your Christmas Quilt in my Virtual Christmas Quilt Show. But drop me an email when you can, as your comment was posted with a “no reply” setting, so I have no way of contacting you via email. This also makes it difficult for any blogger to contact you, should you leave a comment and they need to contact you (e.g. you win a prize on a giveaway).

    While I’m not sure if the settings on your side, here is a post that show how to change your settings this post may have some insights that can help you: But if you can’t change your settings you may want to consider leaving your email address whenever you post a comment on a blog where you might want a reply.

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