John Gibson, one of the anchors on is on a rampage about Most of the rampage is fueled by the fact that he wrote a book about “attacks on Christmas” and needs to promote it. He has targeted WalMart because their employees say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

Well, way to go WalMart! Thank you for standing up to Christian bullies who think they have a monopoly on December.

Here is his main reason why companies should only acknowledge Christmas.

It is most definitely an ethnically and racially diverse country, but it is most definitely not religiously diverse.
In surveys where people are asked to identify themselves by religion, 84 percent of Americans say Christian. The second biggest group at about 10 percent is ‘no religion’ and then there are all the others: Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.

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In America when asked to identify themselves by race only about 13% choose “African-American.” Does that mean that we ignore them because 87% of the country is not black?

I wrote a response to his article not because I think it will change his opinion but because he feels that the opinions of the majority are the only ones that count. I felt that I needed to make my voice heard.

To War On Christmas I wrote,

I applaud the use of the term Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I don’t think that it is an attack on Christmas. Finally there is an acknowledgement that there are other holidays celebrated in December. Any Christians who are upset about that really just need to learn to share.

To MyWord I wrote,

Thank you WalMart! Thank you for acknowledging that there are many holidays celebrated in December. Thank you for respecting other religious traditions enough to stand up to some Christian bullies who think that they have a monopoly on December.

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  1. I started saying Happy Holidays years ago intead of Merry Christmas. It just makes sense to me. Maybe if you live in a tiny town where you know 99 our 100 of your neighbors celebrate Christmas it is the norm. However in general I think there are a lot of people who do not celebrate on that day. I agree with Walmart on this one,

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