Remember a few posts ago when I said that I needed to chant to myself, “The frost free date here is in May?” This is why. Two days ago – 80 degrees. Lounging on the porch in short sleeves, watching the horses graze, while reading a book and sipping Crystal Light. Yesterday – 40. Stunned disbelief. Today – snowing and 28. Tomorrow – not supposed to be much better and I’m spending the day doing farm calls. It was warm when I agreed to this.

I knew for sure that I was going to quit doing farm calls for a living on a frigid night in PA when the other vet and I were literally hovering over the abdominal incision we had in a cow to use her body heat to keep our hands limber enough to do her surgery. We were highly educated, smart women. Why were we huddled over a cow in a dark barn, with a vicious dog outside that we had to fight to get back to our trucks, feverishly working on a cow (who would die by morning anyway) on a Friday night when I was supposed to be visiting the future husband in another state and our assistant was supposed to be driving dogs to a show in another state and the other vet just wanted to go home? Yep, I decided it wasn’t the life for me. But filling in for a day vaccinating some horses in nice spring weather sounded like fun. Just my luck. I’ll be huddling next to horses trying to get my numb fingers working enough to give vaccines since you can’t really do that with gloves on.
Crossing my fingers now and wishing for a heat wave…..
In unrelated happy news, I went to a store yesterday and tried on pants. My normal size was too big! But, the next size down was way too small so hopefully I don’t have an emergency pant shortage for a while because I’m not able to buy any size.