I’ve been slacking on reporting the Wednesday weigh in because frankly it has been boring. No changes at all. But then in the last week people have started telling me that I look like I’m losing weight. I’m not sure why. I haven’t lost a pound.

I decided to test the theory. I can’t fit into jeans that are a size 12 unless they have lycra. All my dress pants are size 12. But not jeans. So I went and tried on a pair of nonstretch jeans. It involved a lot of jumping up and down in the dressing room but I could zip and button them. They were too tight to step out of the dressing room in and all the fat that had been squeezed out of the jeans was arranging itself in strange ways around the rest of my body (great image I know, sorry) but they were closed! So I don’t know what is happening but my body must be reshuffling the pounds around somehow. I still haven’t lost anything but I’ve regained some motivation which was starting to be sorely lacking.