Regular readers may remember that I have been ranting about having to get my well water tested for bacteria for my home study since I’m not dead so it must be fine. This is an example of pride going before the fall. The tests came back showing bacterial contamination. So now I’m in the process of bleaching my well.

This is hurting my little environmentalist soul. Pour straight bleach into the well? Run it out later onto the ground? Run the water in all the spigots of the house full blast for 5 minutes? They are trying to kill me.

The craziest thing is that in preparation for not being able to run the water for 12 hours I filled up all the containers I have with our bacterial-laden water. I still say it is fine because I’m not dead.

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  1. Wow – glad we didn’t have to jump through that hoop. It’s hard enough to get all of the paperwork done. We had our THIRD home inspection done the other day. We cleaned and scrubbed and made sure everything was as perfect as we could get it. We thought that since it was the visit before our son came to our home that it would be important. Ha – the woman stayed for 15 minutes, didn’t even look around, sat at the table and … to top it off, could not answer any of our questions. And I took time off from work – ughhhh.

  2. One thing to remember, though, is that for a child adopted from a foreign country (not sure if you’re doing local or foreign), the water will probably already play havoc with their system. If there’s bacteria in there that “shouldn’t be” it could make matters worse, and who wants to deal with diarreah with their new babe. So, while I can’t say I’m an expert by any means, and I agree that some bacteria has the effect of making us stronger for it, the adoption agency may be trying to make things as bacterium neutral for a child coming into an new environment. Just a thought.

  3. That sucks. I think people nowadays are too scared of bacteria and germs. I’m thinking back to your post with your blessing “May you grow an immune system”.

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