I had a conversation with a person recently who was bemoaning her inability to eat healthy food because “vegetables just aren’t interesting!”

I thought of her the other day when I was making this meal.


Watermelon with honey and a little oil and lime juice and fresh mint from the garden

The husband requested vegan meatball subs that he then wanted to melt real cheese over. I pointed out the inconsistency. He didn’t care. The meatballs are made from mushrooms, kale, and quinoa. They were really good.
Get the recipe here.

Zucchini sandwich cookies with vegan cream cheese icing. Recipe here.

Yep, good to know that you can’t be creative or interesting with vegetables.

One Reply to “What I Eat – Boring Vegetables!”

  1. Wow! Those are both stunningly creative. I love vegetables roasted and I’ve turned salads into an art form in recent years. It’s much like anything else — it takes practice and research and creative engagement to enjoy anything from opera to modern art to vegetables.

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