I pick up so many books that I never actually end up reading. Even if I do I don’t always remember why I chose to get them. I decided to highlight some books that sounded good enough to get just in case I never actually read them and review them.

These were my two selections from Kindle First in October. Her Name is Knight was my first pick because c’mon – African assassin lady. Then I got to pick another and I didn’t feel strongly about any. I don’t really even remember what Flight Risk is about. Odds of reading it – 10%

I opened my Kindle app one day and it presented me with a list of new releases in a few series that I’ve been reading and by authors I’ve recently read. I know that we are supposed to hate Amazon but I’ve been wanting a service to do this for me for my entire life.

Twitter is where I tend to get all my best recommendations. I’ve seen The Ex Hex recommended all over. A Spindle Splintered was discussed just as I finished an audiobook by Alix Harrow (that I also heard about on Twitter). I found Cackle in a list of recommendations for horror books that discussed Tananarive Due. I love her books so I read the thread and here we are. All of these are being requested from the library so it will be a bit before I get them.