Powder went to the cardiologist and no one was injured

Powder had to go get an echocardiogram because of her worsening heart murmur and bad bloodwork.  Since she was horrible to try to get the blood from, I was worried about her behavior at the cardiologist’s.

She was a complete angel.  The only time she got even a little testy was when they were fussing too much trying to get her blood pressure.  All she did was stand up and decide to leave.  No teeth.  No claws.  I was so proud.  She even laid perfectly still on her side for the echo. I was shocked.

She has off the charts high blood pressure and when her heart rate goes up, one of her valves in her heart flips the wrong way and partially blocks her aorta.  No congestive heart failure.

Now she’s on meds for her blood pressure and her hyperthyroidism.  We have a routine.  She gets 3/4 of a small can of cat food.  Her blood pressure meds are made up into a liquid with fish flavoring and she eats them in her food at night.  In the morning, while she is eating, she gets her thyroid meds rubbed on her ear to be absorbed transdermally.

Because everyone else wants to get involved in this, the remaining 1/4 can of food is split between Paul and Freckles.  Now we can’t even go into the kitchen without all the mammalian pets in the house running in and assuming the position beside their respective plates.  Spoiled brats.  I’ve given Paul and Freckles a talking to about chasing the old lady with a bad heart and high blood pressure.  I don’t think they care.

I’ve Made A Whovian of Him

Remember back when my husband was refusing to watch Doctor Who with me? He’s hooked now.  He got a TARDIS mug and Jammie Dodgers for his birthday.  I came home last night and he was seriously considering buying a TARDIS shower curtain for our green and beige bathroom.  He’s always been a big stickler for everything matching so I reminded him that TARDIS blue doesn’t match our bathroom.  He yelled, “It’s a TARDIS woman!  It @$#$%%^ goes with anything!”  I hugged him and told him that I was so very proud of him.

When I came home from the dog park this morning he was watching a video on youtube that showed River Song’s story cut in chronological order so it makes more sense.  It made him teary.  My work here is done and he hasn’t even gotten to the 50th anniversary episode yet.

I’m Still Writing

I’m at 35,666 words into my NaNoWriMo story.  Not bad for having no idea where this is going.  I started with a character and a setting and no idea of the plot.  Last week a character went rogue and got rid of my main bad guy way too early in the story so I’ve been improvising.  The husband can’t understand when I say that I have no idea what is going to happen next.  It is exciting to see what comes out.

It’s Almost Thanksgiving

And I still have roses blooming!

My birthday is Thursday which is Thanksgiving in the U.S. Having a birthday on a holiday is generally no fun but I’m embracing it this year. I’ve decided to treat the whole day as a national celebration of thankgiving for my birth and am giving people the day off work with my blessing.

What’s Going On In Your World?