I participated in the Wheel of the Year project last year where I took a picture of 12 different things on the 1st of each month. It was interesting and I’m glad I did it but at times it was a real pain to remember to do each month. I’m going to make the pictures into a scrapbook for a record of 2006.

I decided I wanted to do something similar to that for this year. But I didn’t want to be locked into the same pictures. For example I have a year’s worth of pictures of my garden. That may have been interesting if I didn’t end up on crutches right at the frost-free date and therefore have nothing planted. So I have a great record of weeds growing.

I think this year I’m going to take pictures that respresent each month for me and keep the pictures I liked from last year’s project. I liked the record of the books from the library and my sewing table. For January I’m adding the picture of my amaryllis. It is sort of hard right now to find things that scream “January” to me since it hasn’t even snowed here yet. I may take a picture of a different tree (more accessible) than I did last year.