We got the first draft of the homestudy today. It was interesting reading, especially the part about how we live in a suburban gated community in a huge house with 4 bedrooms. I had a quick look around to make sure we hadn’t moved and then emailed them back that we had a bit of a problem. She also made us into what she wanted us to be. So we have a crib waiting in the room even though I made it really clear that we are NOT ever getting an infant. There were lots of other little things wong and then I found the sentence that is just making me crazy. “… consider themselves both Christians.” That was specifically never said. The husband said that he considered himself a Christian. He never gave me a chance to answer the question. He is telling me to let it go and I know that in theory he is right. But it is making me nuts.


  • Mama Kelly

    I can understand how that could be upsetting and even troubling

    I would have a hard time allowing that line to be on any formal paperwork describing me actually

    But, as has been said by others, it does avoid you being peigeon-holed in any way.


    Mama Kelly

  • Amy

    Our homestudy makes me laugh. In it, it states that we and a child between 4 and 8, no mental stuff – no institutions – no mental retardation. And who do we fall in love with? An eleven year old boy from a group home, with very low IQ (not MR but pretty darn close), and on psychotropic drugs.

    Hang in there and good luck! Happy New Year too

  • genhywfar

    That’s really disturbing. I’m with Quilt Pixie that she’s seeing what she wants to see. How interested did she seem in the meeting? It sounds like the surroundings and your conversation went in one ear and out the other.

    I’m torn about the Christian thing too. Would they count against you if they knew you were a Pagan? I wouldn’t be wont to let it go lightly, I think.

    Do you have another meeting with anyone from the organization?

  • Jessica

    It would also make me nuts to be labeled as Christian. I probably would want to change it, too, and my husband would probably tell me I shouldn’t. I’d probably at least want to contact them and say I was spiritual not religious or something along those lines (even though I consider myself religious), or maybe even Unitarian Universalist (since they are sometimes mistaken as Christian).

  • Nio

    Is she intepreting the fence for the horses to be a gated community?

    It would drive me nuts having that line also. And it would drive me out of my mind not to be able to say anything to contradict the pigeon-holeing in matters of religion.

  • quilt pixie

    Deep cleansing breaths… It’s amazing how much our perceptions are based on what we “want to see” — you can really tell what your home study person was “thinking”

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