I’ve decided to draw cards for each of the months of year of 2007.

January – 5 of pentacles – Financial instability, hardship (uh, great, but I am going to a conference this month and the cost combined with the loss of income from the time I have to take off has been worrying me.)

February – 6 of wands – victory, success (whew! Just get through January. LOL)

March – 4 of Cups – possible dissatisfaction born out of complacency

April – ace of penacles – work towards material, tangible gains

May – 9 of pentacles – physical and mental balance, heightened productivity

June – 3 of cups – overflowing happiness

July – 3 of pentacles – honing a skill, using creativity for material gain

August – 9 of swords – anxiety, breaking illusions

September – 2 of wands – making a choice, seeing beyond illusions

October – the fool – adventure, inexperience, journey

November – ace of wands – creative awakening, new ideas

December – 2 of cups – fulfilling relationship

Wow. I’m not sure I’m ready for all that.