I’m still taking my wheel of the year photos even though I haven’t been posting them regularily. I’m going to make a scrapbook of the photos. Here are a few I took this morning.


Here’s Spirit showing off his new short mane style. Since taking his dredlocks out his mane is super curly. He also spent yesterday out in the rain all day and everyone knows that once your hair gets wet you just can’t do anything with it.

(The astute among you may think, “It doesn’t look like that horse is in a pasture. It looks like he is in the front yard. Maybe she was thinking nice thoughts about him while leading him to the pasture. Maybe this strange way of thinking upset the balance of the universe and in order to achieve balance Spirit escaped while she was shutting the pasture gate. Maybe he then made her spend the next 15 minutes trying to catch him to get him back in the pasture. That probably made her thoughts run towards the negative in a way that can’t be written out on a family-friendly blog.” The astute among you would be correct.)

Here are pictures of my potential kid’s ready-to-be-painted room.


room 2

I’m sure it is the sign of a deranged scrapbooking mind that I sort of hoped that he wouldn’t be able to come out and paint yesterday so I could get one picture with it just primed and next month’s with it all painted. It makes a better visual story, you know.