I was reading the Carnival of Feminists 26 this morning. As always there are posts complaining about women being expected to do housework. I think we have the pretty well figured out here. Whoever is the most annoyed with something should clean it. I can’t stand dirty dishes and laundry not being put away. The husband hates dirty floors. So I do the dishes and laundry and he vacuums and mops.

The other option is to get a cat to help you make your husband clean. For 8 years I’ve been trying to teach the husband to pick up his clothes off the bathroom floor after he gets ready in the morning. It doesn’t work. I don’t pick them up. I don’t wash them. That didn’t teach him. I’ve asked nicely and not so nicely. Didn’t work. Earlier this week Riley started going to the bathroom on any clothes in the bathroom. In 2 days the husband learned to pick up his clothes. Best training tool I’ve ever seen! I thought about trying to fix the cat but he only does it on the husband’s clothes on the floor so I’ve decided to consider that Not A Problem.