Booktube is a thing I just can’t get into.  Don’t worry booktube, it’s me, not you. I don’t like to take the time to watch videos.  I can read several blog posts in the time it takes to watch one video.  The time thing gets to me and then I start getting irrational.  I start sighing if people pause or say um or take time to breathe so they don’t die.

It isn’t just booktube.  I prefer reading information over watching any video online.  My favorite videos to watch are the ones with no talking.  They have words over the pictures so you don’t even have to turn up the volume on your iPad. I am obviously not YouTube’s target audience.  (Let’s not even talk about how long it took me to realize that when booktubers use YT on Twitter it is short for YouTube and not White.  In my defense the people I follow I found through diversity talks so it made sense in that context.  I just thought they were cranky with racists and not YouTube.  Shut up, it made sense in my brain.)

I am impressed by booktubers though.  You get all prettified.  I do my blog writing in the morning before work.  I have on a wrinkly bathrobe.  I haven’t brushed my hair and I certainly haven’t put on any makeup.  You sit in clean rooms with pretty bookshelf backdrops.  My computer is in a spare catch-all room.  Boxes are piled behind me in the closet that doesn’t shut fully.  I get harrassed by pets especially if they haven’t had breakfast yet.

Even if I managed to get dressed in an acceptable outfit, brush my hair, do my makeup, and have something coherent to say, I would still probably never post a video.  Ya’ll are cute.  I don’t do cute.  I’m way too judgemental when watching videos or pictures of myself.

I started thinking about the type of booktube videos I would watch and came up with this.  Feel free to keep your volume down so you don’t have to hear the generic background music.

Hey, look!  It is my first iMovie.  Sort of like a book trailer but shorter.