WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


I’ve been ignoring my New Year Beauty blocks. They are getting sad and droopy about being ignored.

I finished up the third Joseph’s Coat block. We’re not watching enough movies around here. This is my movie watching hand applique project and it is just not happening. In case some of you are thinking, “That is the worst applique I’ve ever seen. Look at those bumpy edges. The poor dear….”, I add the disclaimer – Because of the construction of this block, you don’t applique down the edges of the circle until you put blocks together.


I hit a strange roadblock on this quilt. I ran out of white. I don’t think that should be possible. White fabric seems like the kind of thing that should spontaneously regenerate in the stash. You shouldn’t have to go buy it.

I went with the husband last night to JoAnn’s to get more. He walked in with me and loudly proclaimed, “Hey! They sell lots of stuff here.” (He’s recently discovered the joys of Hobby Lobby too.) Then I went and grabbed some white fabric. I looked at several bolts before finding one that didn’t have stains. When I made a selection, he said, “That’s very pretty.”

I looked at him quizzically. “It’s white.”

“I’m being supportive here.” Good boy.

Then when it was on the cutting table he realized it had a pattern and wanted to know what the point of that was. The clerk was trying to explain the joys of white on white for adding texture and depth but he was unconvinced. She asked him what his hobby was. He told her that he wasn’t falling for that trick since we were getting ready to make fun of him so he wasn’t telling her. I don’t like it that he is getting wise to the ways of women.