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I finished the top of the lattice quilt Sunday night.

lattice top done

I was excited because I had a plan. I had an extra day off on Monday so I was going to do another top on Monday and Tuesday in order to send it off for a veteran’s retreat that Quilts of Valor Ohio was making quilts for. It was coming down to the finish time and we had most but not all of the quilts. I quit for the night, went upstairs, and checked my email. I got an email that out of the blue a guild that I didn’t know was involved in Quilts of Valor was volunteering to send us the remaining quilts we needed! With what they promised and other quilts that I know are coming in, we are actually a bit ahead of what we need in the state right this second. That’s been one of my goals.

So then I was confused. The sense of urgency to make another top was gone. I decided to work on something just for me. That took a whole mental change of gears that was surprisingly hard. But, I figured out what I wanted to do.

I finished all the blocks for my Spaghetti Junction quilt.


Now here’s the question. Borders. What color? I’m thinking a thin inner border of the grey that is used in each block but then what? Aqua, red, black, something else entirely?

I’m starting my block a day project in February. I’m going to make one 12 inch block every day for 25 days and then put a top together for Quilts of Valor by the end of the month. I’ll be posting on Ohio’s Facebook page and here if anyone wants to play along.

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  1. What beautiful quilts! I love the Spaghetti Junction. I’ve never seen that combination of blocks before and it looks delightful! I agree with you that a thing grey border would tie it all together. For the other border, I would probably work with one of the reds, maybe a 3″ finished red/white polka dot. Then again, a 1″ grey and bound in grey might do it just fine too. I always hate these decisions.

    I’ve been making QOV quilts for several years. I have another one started, but won’t have it done for awhile yet. The guild I’m in does an annual Veteran’s Day event where we present quilts in person to vets in our area. In 2012 there were 26 presented, mostly in person at the event. It’s such a worthy cause!

    I hooked up with you through the WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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