This was a rough one.  We did shoulder presses and I pulled something in my shoulder.  I’m sitting here with acupuncture needles in it trying to get on top of it before it really starts hurting.

The workout was:

  • 50 Russian twists – Sit on the ground and hold a 25 lb weight.  Lift your feet off the ground and then twist side to side touching the plate to the ground beside you.  Do it 50 times to each side.
  • 40 Goblet squats – Hold a kettlebell under your chin.  I did 35 #.  Do squats.
  • 30 Kettle bell swings – Take the kettlebell from your knees to overhead.
  • 20 Box jump overs – The 20 inch boxes were set up and you have to step or jump onto them and then off the other side.  If you ambitious you could jump all the way over but no one tried that.
  • 10 Sumo High Pulls – Take the kettle bell from the floor up to your chin as you stand up.

I did it in 9:11.  It was rough though.  It didn’t read as hard as it turned out to be.

So then I spent the rest of the weekend trying to regain my ability to turn my head to the left due to my poor sad pulled muscle.



We had to do a very mean thing in warm up today. You start in plank position and then go down on one forearm and then the other. Then step back up so you are supporting yourself on your hands again. That isn’t so bad at first until you have to do it for 20 seconds on and then rest 10 seconds for about 3 minutes.

I realize I tend to post just the WODS (workout of the day) here but that is just the ending of class. For example, warm up today was a 750 meter row followed by stretching and squats and pushups and pushup to side plank transitions and then that plank variation above. Then we did two strength moves. We did 7 sets of two cleans (bar from floor to shoulder) and then 5 sets of 5 reps of shoulder presses which I had the good sense not to do because of my injury. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Then we did the workout which was as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:

  • 15 kettle bell swings – I used 35#.
  • 10 ring dips – Modification – Jump up above the rings so your arms are straight and then slowly lower yourself. My modification – jump up and then fall right back down.
  • 5 pull ups
  • I did 4 rounds. I had a bit of kettle bell dysfunction. I swung it too high once and it went over my head and spun me right around while I was trying to keep it from crashing into anyone. Real graceful.