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From Witches’ Weekly via Turtleheart.
Personal Ceremonies

If you were to plan your own Wedding or Funeral ceremony, would you create two separate ceremonies for pagan and non-pagan folk, or would you just plan a ceremony around your beliefs. How would you feel if any non-pagan friends or family did not wish to attend such a ceremony?

I’ve thought about this before because the wedding ceremony that I had would not work for me at all now. I don’t plan on getting married again but if the husband gets out of line and I need to upgrade to a new model, here’s what I’m thinking. I’d want it to be outside but the pessimistic part of me starts wondering immediately about rain. I went to a wedding in a conservatory once so it was surrounded by plants but still inside. Maybe that would work. I don’t think I’d do a straight pagan ceremony but it would definately be something “bizarre” for my relatives. It would give them something to talk about for a while. They’d definately come. How else would they get to see what strange thing I’m up to now?

For a funeral – I want to be cremated. I don’t care if there is a viewing. The husband and any other living relatives can fight that out. The husband is strongly anti-viewing and the family is strongly pro-viewing. I figure I won’t care at that point. What I don’t want is a lot of “She’s in a better place now” stuff. It drives me crazy. My idea of a great funeral is the one in the movie Love Actually. No religious stuff and then there is an upbeat slide show to the Bay City Rollers.