An update from the last post:

The puppy was doing well. He was doing so well in fact that we were concerned that he would see his IV as yet another tasty piece of plastic to swallow. I gave him a stern talking-to in the morning and threatened him with having to wear a cone on his head if he didn’t stop looking at his IV line like that. That worked until afternoon appointments started and he apparently forgot his talking-to and decided that IV catheters are fun to play with. Luckily the technician interrupted him in the middle of pulling it out of his leg so he didn’t get to swallow it. He was just starting on “soup” – canned dog food mushed up and mixed with water (yummy!) when I saw him last on Thursday. So far so good.

The pig didn’t do so well. I ended up euthanizing him Thursday night. He wasn’t responding to treatment at all. I’m still not sure what was wrong. The lab freaked out about running pig blood and so we didn’t have the results all back by the end of the day.

I worked at a place on Friday that worried me. I was there last Friday too and it seemed ok. It is a strange mix of old fashioned and hi-tech. There are drugs that I only know about from the “what they used to use” lectures in school but he does laser surgery. The owner had had surgery and that’s why I was there. I got there yesterday and he was hanging out there. I’m not sure if he was well drugged from the surgery or if that was his normal demeanor. I hope it was the drugs. He’s the kind of vet who is referred to as “Doctor.” That’s it. Just Doctor, like it is his first name. It isn’t followed by a last name or preceded by “the”. It is used in a sentence like, “Doctor will be out of the office for a few weeks.” Even his wife who I met yesterday introduced himself by her name and then, “I’m Doctor’s wife.” That sets me on edge. You only see it in men of a certain generation. They tend to have a real ego problem. I worked with one once. He went to my church too and he insisted everyone there call him Doctor. The thing that got to me about this guy yesterday was that he kept referring to me as Miss. He knew who I was. I was obviously a veterinarian since I was there to work in his office for the day. But it never seemed to occur to him that I was “Doctor” too. I don’t really care what people call me but if you are going to use a title with me I want it to be the correct one. If you are going to be so arrogant about your title then you need to realize that my degree is a relevant as yours. But I didn’t say anything to him because my job is to play nice and he was obviously befuddled.