I officially weigh the least that I have weighed this millenium! I hung around for a few days at the plateau weight that I haven’t been able to get below but yesterday morning I was two pounds under it. I didn’t post then because yesterday I went to a meeting with a buffet. But today I’m still the same weight.

I’m not sticking to the principles of the Eat to Live diet as strictly as I was the first week. We eat out a lot and it was hard to do on that diet. But I’ve noticed that I am very reluctant to use dairy products. I haven’t used milk at all. When called for in recipes I’ve been substituting almond milk. I have used small amounts of cheese but I think about it quite a lot before adding it. That may also be due in part to all the vegan podcasts I’ve been listening to lately.

I have eaten macaroni and cheese. Twice. But it hasn’t tasted good and it made me slightly ill afterwards. You have no idea how much that upsets me. I’m blaming it on the fact that the packages I bought were the expensive healthy kind and not the cheap stuff with proper processed cheese sauce. I’m going to have to try those kinds again before I write off macaroni and cheese as a sad casuality of the Eat to Live diet.

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  1. Fantastic & Congratulations!!!!! Glad to hear that somebody’s weightloss plans are going well. 😉 I’m kind of in the mindset right now that I’ll just try to prevent any more weight gain, and if I lose some while I’m at it…. GREAT. If I don’t gain any more weight, that’s just fine. If I gain… Well F***! *wink* But, I’ve got no intention of becoming a vegetarian, much less vegan, so I’m not denying myself the foods I love, I’m just trying to eat less of the unhealthy ones (like fudge).

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