Diet – The magical 5 lb weight gain went away in one day instead of the usual 3 or 4. I was back to an offical 5 lb weight loss for the week. I wore the pants that I wore on the first day of the diet and they are definately looser. I’m going to continue the diet but I may modify it some. For example, I’m giving in tonight and having macaroni and cheese.

The diet has apparently also been hard on the dog. If I opened some cheese she’d come running to get some. Vegan diet = no cheese. I didn’t realize the affect this had on her until yesterday. At sewing day someone brought a cheese pizza. The dog was so desparate for cheese that she was actually violently shaking until fed.

Prize – She consented to be bred today. Yeah!! They were very mindful of the fact that she was new at this so they gave her a light sedative. They also had her wait until after he had already bred once so he wouldn’t be eager. It is a pretty rough business and maiden mares tend to get scared by the violence. She panicked a bit and reared up so they backed him up and then did the one thing that soothes her to no end. They put a person in front of her with a bag of treats and fed her. She totally ignored that stallion as long as they were feeding her. I’ve always said that you can do anything to her as long as you give her a treat. I guess I was right.