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Yet More Renovation

This is the family room with the previous cheap blue carpeting (and Riley wondering where the furniture went):


Here’s the new wood floor and Powder still pondering the lack of furniture:


Here’s what happens when a guy gets bored with watching his brother work on the floor. “I think I’ll make a raised bed” turns into a monster.


That shows it with several truckloads of compost and lots of bags of topsoil. It is going to take forever to fill!


  • Kati

    The flooring is beautiful!!!

    *ROFL about the raised planter bed* He DOES know that you’re supposed to be able to reach what’s in the middle of the bed, right? *wink* It’s a beautiful job, though! My suggestion is to stop bothering with individual sacks of top-soil, and just find a place that loads ya up with truck-bed-fulls. That’s what we did twice last year, at $60 per truck-bed-full. Much cheaper than individual bags of soil.

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