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Blogging Quilt Festival

Park City Girl is having an online quilt festival.  I’m entering my ocean waves quilt that I made for a friend of mine’s wedding as my favorite quilt.

storm at sea

I had always wanted to make this pattern but the main reason that it is my favorite is the story behind it.  I work best on a very strict deadline – also known as massive procrastination.  I had to have this quilt ready for a bridal shower at the end of September.  I had it figured in my mind exactly how much to do each day to get it done.  It was a good plan.

Then in mid-September of that year my husband left me.  Bit of a shock as you might imagine.  It totally derailed the plan.  My mother came down and a major source of trying to distract me was to get this quilt done.  Then my sewing machine died.  We went and borrowed a machine from a friend.  We kept sewing.  Finally we thought it was done and laid it all out.  That’s when I realized that I had miscalculated and actually needed 19 more of one of the sashing units.  I just remember my mother pushing me towards the bathroom and telling me to go take a long bath.  I think she figured that that was going to be the last straw for my fragile psyche.

We did get the extra units done.  (Mom learned to paper piece!)  The quilt was done in time for the shower.  I remember people asking me how long it took to make.  I would answer truthfully, “A little over two weeks.”  No one believed me.  I was sort of amazed that it was done too!


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